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Advice for Designers

A inspirational 2 minute short from the legendary Designer, Hartmut Esslinger – Founder of Frog

Hartmut shares five gorgeous nuggets of wisdom for Designers. Whether you’re a Logo Designer, Graphic Designer or an aspiring designer, these little gems will still apply.

What makes a good logo?

what make a good logo

Here’s a good logo design article by Ray Vellest over at the Web Designer Depot discussing what makes a good logo and the practices that any decent identity designer will follow. If you’re a designer that’s looking to enter the field, or more importantly, if you’re someone looking to hire a logo designer or branding agency, it’s really worth a read, to help understand the complex process that’s identity design.

The main point being, the only way to achieve a truly great logo & identity, stems from the amount of background work that is completed prior to even picking up a sketch pad and pen. Research, research, and more research! This is why it becomes so important to not only be a good designer, but also having the skills to be able to pull apart all the information gathered, so that it aids the conceptualisation stage. And with most things in life, this only comes from practice and nurturing this development.

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