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Advice for Designers

A inspirational 2 minute short from the legendary Designer, Hartmut Esslinger – Founder of Frog

Hartmut shares five gorgeous nuggets of wisdom for Designers. Whether you’re a Logo Designer, Graphic Designer or an aspiring designer, these little gems will still apply.

Fold, Fold, Fold Your Boat!…

Here’s an interesting concept from Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies, two product design graduates from the Royal College of Art. Foldboat was presented at this years London Design Festival, as an ingenious portable water transportation device… A boat!

They are made from a single piece of high density polyethylene plastic, and can be put together in just 2minutes using only 3 components. The boat pictured (‘The Dock Edition’) is the second, simplified incarnation of the prototype Boat One.

Boat One actually folded down to a third of its size into a transport pack, while Boat Two instead dismantles to a 2.5m x 1.5m flat sheet, as pictured below.

new Anthony Burrill work

clear your head, it all makes sense

Anthony Burrill has just released some new artworks this week. As we have a fondness for Anthony’s work here, we thought we would share the love..

Anthony’s woodblock posters are 51x76cm in size and signed in pencil. They are printed by Adams of Rye onto 100% recycled paper, and more excitingly, using traditional woodblock printing techniques.