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I feel good today!

Fantastic 3D wall art piece by Niels Bruschke. Commisioned by Two Wheels Good (a Hamberg based bike shop & developer of urban mobility concepts) “I feel good today” is a result of the collaboration between the two creatives. It’s located in the erste liebe bar (erste liebe translated – first love), a popular jaunt for coffee & lunch in the German city.

Bruschke uses a Schindelhauer Viktor (a carbon fibre belt driven fixie / singlespeed bike – a work of art in itself) as the centre piece, with beautiful typography and flowing illustration. Well worth a visit next time I’m in Hamberg me thinks…

Water Calligraphy Device

A beautiful concept unveiled at Beijing Design Week by Nicholas Hanna.

A tricycle modified by the Canadian artist simulates the Chinese custom of writing temporary messages on the road with water.

Nicholas has combined traditionalism with innovation to produce a unique form of transportation. The creation is adeptly named the ‘Water Calligraphy Device’, produced as homage to the Chinese custom of writing calligraphy in public spaces with a water brush, as a ‘contemplative and poetic act’.

The device is attached to a flat-bead tricycle (a popular form of transportation in Beijing) where the rider is able to type out passages Chinese characters via custom software. As the tricycle moves forward, the values release droplets of water to the floor, to then form beautiful Chinese characters that eventually evaporate entirely.

A beautifully worded extract from the organisers…

Water Calligraphy Device – an ubiquitous form of transportation on show at Beijing Design Week
The Water Calligraphy Device combines the inherent beauty of an ancient form of writing, a refined public art practice with the mystery and magic of mechanisms.

new Anthony Burrill work

clear your head, it all makes sense

Anthony Burrill has just released some new artworks this week. As we have a fondness for Anthony’s work here, we thought we would share the love..

Anthony’s woodblock posters are 51x76cm in size and signed in pencil. They are printed by Adams of Rye onto 100% recycled paper, and more excitingly, using traditional woodblock printing techniques.