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Insane Skills! – Stephen Wiltshire's Memory Illustration of New York

Absolutely amazing and truly brilliant

These are just a couple of phrases that could describe Stephen Wiltshire’s Memory Illustration..

We have long been aware of the talents of Stephen Wiltshire, but a recent project in New York sets a new level to his brilliantness!

From a single 20 minute helicopter flight over New York and some rough scamps, Stephen puts together a 18 foot detailed panorama illustration of New York’s city scape from memory at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. The whole piece only took 3 days to complete, although every scale detail of New York’s landmarks are preserved in Stephens illustration. Seeing is Believing.

About Stephen

Stephen Wiltshire was born 24th April 1974 in London. As a child he experienced delays in his development and when he was about 3, he was diagnosed with autism. At 5, he was enrolled at Queensmill School in West London where the teaching staff first noticed his interest in illustration.

Stephens First Words

The instructors at Queensmill School encouraged him to speak by periodically taking away his art supplies so that he would be forced to ask for them. Stephen responded by making sounds and eventually uttered his first word – “paper.”


I just thought I quickly share this with everyone..

Miguel Endara created this beautiful Stippling drawing of his dad. Composed entirely of 3.2 million ink dots, the piece has been adeptly named ‘Hero’.

It took him 210 dedicated hours to complete the work spanning almost a year from start to finish.

You can see the The making of “Hero” in a very well put together video.

I feel good today!

Fantastic 3D wall art piece by Niels Bruschke. Commisioned by Two Wheels Good (a Hamberg based bike shop & developer of urban mobility concepts) “I feel good today” is a result of the collaboration between the two creatives. It’s located in the erste liebe bar (erste liebe translated – first love), a popular jaunt for coffee & lunch in the German city.

Bruschke uses a Schindelhauer Viktor (a carbon fibre belt driven fixie / singlespeed bike – a work of art in itself) as the centre piece, with beautiful typography and flowing illustration. Well worth a visit next time I’m in Hamberg me thinks…