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Here's a little taster of some of our latest logo design & brand identity work. If you like what you see, or if your just nosey, why not take a closer look at our more comprehensive logo design portfolio.

orbit beer craft brewery logo design brand identity
Ridgers & Zeus logo design
trinity logo design and brand identity
indigo wine logo design
Rodele van Woerden logo design
Blue Ticket logo design and brand identity

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Logo Design London

Logo Design

With over 15 years experience in designing and crafting logos & identities for businesses, Geco Designs has built a strong reputation for quality creative work.

There are many thing to be considered before a designer can start a logo project. Firstly its all about the client, then the competition, and then comes context and audience. All of these elements will influence the scope of works and the ever illusive big idea.

Furthermore, parameters need to be set. Budget? What is the client trying to achieve? Where and when will it be used? What is the competition up too? What is the target market? Are there cultural considerations? After all these elements have been considered, only then can the designer look within the client for something truely unique and you only get there by asking questions.

Thats why Geco Designs take a collaborative approach to all its logo design and brand projects, as without you, the client, what is the point?

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Brand & Visual Identity Design London

Brand & Visual Identity

First thing first. A brand / visual identity is not a logo. It's the culmination of the visual, cultrual, emotional and tactile elements of your business, product or company. It's your silent weapon that will give you the competitive edge and market share. The intangible, tangible.

By understanding your brand, and nurturing it to your best advantage, only then can the imaginable become realality.

Geco Designs specialises in working with business on branding and rebranding projects. And its something we truely love doing. Getting down in the nitty gritty of your business and giving you an outsiders view, along with a looking glass into the future to meet your commercial objectives.

Our main focus throughout any brand / visual identiy project, is to deliver a truely considered, cohesive, and integrated communication solution. Our approach is processed based, a true mix of strategy, colaboration while remaining creative.

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By Geco Designs / On 09. 12. 2012

What makes a good logo?

Here’s a good article by Ray Vellest over at the Web Designer Depot discussing what makes a good logo and the practices that any decent identity designer will follow...